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404-1525 Av Carling, Ottawa, ON  K1Z 8R9
Canadian Public Health Association
404-1525 Carling Ave
Ottawa ON  K1Z 8R9

Phone: (613) 725-3769
Fax: (613) 725-9826

National Office
Ian Culbert
Executive Director
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Ext 142
Karen Spiess
Office Manager
Ext 137
Phil van Mossel
Manager, Information Systems and Technology
Ext 140
National Programs
Greg Penney
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Ext 188
Membership Services
Ext 124
Conference Department
Sarah Pettenuzzo
Conference Manager
Ext 153
Conference Inquiries
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Ext 126
Conference Sponsorship
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Ext 211
Conference Exhibits
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Ext 211
Conference Advertising Supplement
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Ext 211
CPHA Publication Sales
Ext 211
Canadian Journal of Public Health
Karen Craven
Assistant Editor
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Ext 179
Debbie Buchanan
Editorial Assistant
Ext 110
Communications and Development
Ext 160
Online Career Advertising
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Ext 211
Policy Development
Frank Welsh
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Ext 176
Plain Language Service
Global Health Programs
Immunize Canada
Ext 122